Infographic: Good Sleep Hygiene

A lot of people have difficulty getting to sleep due to a lack of good sleep hygiene. Good sleep hygiene is defined as sleeping habits that are conducive to getting rest at night. Sleeping hygiene starts with creating a relaxing place to rest. The bedroom should be neat, clean, and organized with a comfortable bed that suits you. The bed and the bedroom should not be used for any other purpose than sleep, so there should be no eating, watching television, or reading in bed. It is best to exercise early in the morning and stop those types of activities after the evening has started.

A hot bath or shower will often help you feel more relaxed and get you ready for sleep. Setting a sleep schedule in terms of when you wake up and go to sleep is also very helpful because it trains your body and sets up the expectation to sleep at a certain time each night. Eating in the evening or near the bed time is not recommended because digestion can often prevent the body from sleeping. Substances like alcohol, caffeine, or nicotine can impede sleep and it is suggested that you remove them from your diet or at the very least restrict their intake during the evening.


Denver is to Beer, as Napa is to Wine

denver beer

Colorado is typically known for its luxury ski resorts, beautiful surroundings, and an average of 300 days of sunshine every year. What people don’t know is that Colorado has a secret. It’s not widely known that Colorado, the ‘Mile High State’ is the top beer producing state in the country. With 115 breweries, including the Coors brewery, the largest in the world, Colorado produces more beer per capita than anywhere else in the country.

According to legend, the first permanent structure to make its home in Denver, Colorado was a saloon. It’s no wonder Colorado became the top beer producing state in 2007, taking the title away from California, The Golden State. Along with it’s title for the most beer produced, Colorado is home to the highest saloon in the United States. Sitting at 10,580 feet above sea level, the South Park Saloon, in Alma, Colorado will have you slurring your words in no time.

The rapid increase in craft brewing in Colorado has brought The Great American Beer Festival to the Mile High State for nearly 30 years. As the oldest and largest gathering of beer brewers in the nation, The Great American Beer Festival offers more beer on tap than anyplace in the world. Who wouldn’t be proud of that?

Author Jason Lancaster is the president of Spork Marketing, a Denver Internet Marketing company. He is an amateur beer aficianado and an expert at auto parts marketing


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