Do You Know What Happens When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep?

When I was young, I remember my parents always telling me to sleep early so that I will become tall. I never really believed them, but I did sleep early back then simply because there was not much to do. You see, I was born in the time when TV was not yet very popular, and people preferred to stay indoors when night came. Oh! I did not live in the outskirts or in the woods; I lived in a City alright, but not the kind of city we now have. Back then life was simple.

Going back to the topic on sleep, do you know what happens to the body when a person does not get enough sleep? According to health experts, too little sleep or what is technically known as sleep deprivation may eventually lead to medical or health problems.

How Much Sleep Is Needed?

If you are a teenager, you need at least nine (9) hours of sleep each day so you’ll grow up tall, healthy, and strong. If you are an adult, the minimum sleep so you’ll be happy, healthy, and good looking is seven (7) to eight (8) hours each night.

Effects of Sleep Deprivation

There are four very common results of sleep deprivation.

Compromised Immune System

When a person sleeps very little does this frequently, in time his body’s immune system will be affected. This is because the body needs sleep in order for the cells to rejuvenate or repair itself. When the body is not able to do this, the immune system becomes weak. What happens is that when infection strikes, the compromised or weakened immune system is not able to defend the body, and the person easily succumbs to illnesses or diseases.


A person who lacks sleep becomes easily depressed. Again this is because the body is not able to get enough rest and rejuvenate. A sleep-deprived person is easily agitated, most of the time irritable, and is emotionally “touchy”, hence the adage “never get in the way of a sleep-deprived person – he’ll bite your head off!”

Memory Problems

People who get very little sleep are also found to develop memory problems. Again the possible reason for this is the fact that the body is not given enough resting period to revitalize itself. Brain cells die, and sleep allows the body to create new cells to replace the dead ones. Without sleep, the body again is unable to refresh.

Increase in Pain Perception

Have you noticed an increase in pain perception when you lack sleep? According to medical experts, the lack of sleep heightens ones’ perception of pain. In some situations, people who are known to have suffered from sleep deprivation are observed to have lower pain threshold.

In general, sleep deprivation also has a negative effect on how a person looks. The lack of sleep causes dark circles to appear around the eyes, and most of them always look tired and haggard.

So get enough sleep and avoid all these four negative effects of sleep deprivation.  

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Too Much Sweets Can Damage Your Teeth

I was used to eating ample amount of sweets during my childhood on a regular basis. Every day I would eat eight to ten chocolate candies of different kinds of brands for satisfying my need during my childhood. All of a sudden I realised that these chocolate candies and toffees are dangerous for our dental health. Now I am 18 years of old and tell you the truth that too much sweet can seriously damage your teeth. In the meantime, I visited many popular insurance sites on the internet. One of the most popular links was on dental insurance. Now I have realised that plenty of people and their families are taking advantage of dental health insurance in UK and across the country.

But before discussing dental insurance into a detail, I would like to throw light on sugary stuffs like toffees and chocolate candies in a few more words. Honestly speaking toffees can create several harmful effects on your teeth. One of the most dangerous effects of eating an enormous amount of candies on your teeth is that they cause you gum damage severely. The sweets not only damage your healthy teeth drastically but also reduce the shine of your teeth rapidly. In addition, a continuous usage of the chocolates can cause staining on your teeth. Moreover I observed that plenty of kids into my street had been suffering from various teeth problems including (i.e. tooth pain, tooth discolouration, tooth staining and gum damage). This scenario has now forced me to tell the truth to my readers that tainted or discoloured teeth can create a bad impact on your personality structure. The tainted teeth diminish the happiest feelings, emotions and smiles on your faces. As a result, sweets create an awful impact on your dental health.

Another dreadful impact of eating the enormous amount of toffees and chocolates on your dental health is that they diminish your entire personality structure. The whitening teeth become a rare reality for a person. Moreover the continuous usage of the sweets can create infection and throbbing in your teeth. You not only lose your complete smile but also lose your entire dental fitness due to the constant usage of the super candies, ice creams and chocolates. According to recent scientific study conducted by the several dental surgeons in UK and USA, the rate of various kinds of teeth diseases is alarming to a great extent among kids around the globe. Furthermore, dental surgeons concluded from their in-depth study on the children dental health that we indeed need to realise the importance of our dental health as quickly as possible. Otherwise we will convert these tooth diseases into our younger generation.

The best way to avoid teeth diseases and syndromes is to choose dental insurance from a reputable dental insurance company on the internet. Through dental health insurance we will be able to look after our teeth in a better way. Hence sweets are not good our dental health. Therefore we should stay away from toffees, chocolates and other syrupy stuffs as much as we can.

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread

A few weeks ago my mother discovered that she had a gluten allergy. Not only did she need to cut gluten out of her diet, the doctor suggested that these types of food allergies are genetic and our whole family should consider eating less gluten and getting tested. Well, I am could consider cutting down on my bread consumption or changing my snacks. But I am not ready to give up my baked goods. Chocolate cake, cookies, and pumpkin bread along with all the other delightful desserts I love baking are all filled with gluten. Did this mean I had to give up on all of these treats?

I was only convinced that this was not the end of the world by the fact that you can buy and bake with gluten-free flour. So, determined not to let gluten deprive me of my desserts I decided to start experimenting. I set about baking like it was the apocalypse and only sugary desserts would save me. At the end of a few interesting experiments I decided that I could live in a gluten-free world and continue baking with gluten-free flour. So, here is my favourite pumpkin bread recipe made allergy friendly.

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread Recipe

3 1/3 cups Gluten Free All-Purpose Baking Flour
3/4 teaspoon Xantham gum
2 teaspoons Baking soda
1 1/2 teaspoons Salt
1 teaspoon Nutmeg
1 teaspoon Cinnamon
3 cups Sugar
1 cup Vegetable oil
2/3 cup Water
4 Eggs
2 cups Canned Pumpkin
1/2 cup Chopped Pecan nuts (These are optional and I typically exclude them from my recipe.)

Add the dry ingredients to a large mixing bowl and stir well to mix them.
Make a well in the centre of the dry ingredients.
Add the vegetable oil, water, eggs and pumpkin.
Stir, mixing all the ingredients together well.
Pour the batter into three greased and floured loaf pans.
Bake in a preheated oven at 350 F for one hour or until done.
Cool the loaves in the pans for 10 minutes before removing them.
Place the loaves on a rack to finish cooling.

Now you have a delicious gluten-free pumpkin bread to enjoy and share with your friends and family. And in case you’ve accidentally made too many loaves in the experimenting process, pumpkin bread freezes very well.

This is a guest article written by Melinda Wilson on behalf of Le Creuset, a manufacturer of high quality professional cookware.