5 Hidden Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

Too often we all come across a giant wall, preventing us from getting to our weight loss goal.  You’d think that after shedding 10, 20, 30 pounds, the last 5-10 pounds should be a piece of cake!  So what exactly are we doing wrong?  After all, if you’ve been eating healthy and working out, shouldn’t you continue seeing results?  The logical answer is yes, the realistic answer is that there are hidden reasons why you’re not experiencing weight loss, despite your best efforts!  Don’t be discouraged though, knowing these hidden reasons is half the battle.  

You’re being too health conscious:
It is slightly ironic that being super health conscious about how you eat can actually backfire on you.  The reasoning behind that is rather scientific.  Studies have shown that if you’re aware that you are eating healthy, your brain tends to produce more of a hormone called ghrelin.  Ghrelin, or what I like to refer to as the weight loss goblin, is a hormone that decreases your metabolism and signals hunger.  In layman terms, when you “light, health conscious meals” your brain tells you you can and should eat more.  To beat this, simply trick your brain.  Don’t focus so much on the calories or lack thereof, focus on the substantial part of your meal.
You’re working too hard:
People are serious when they say desk jobs add an extra 10 pounds.  Sitting for an extended period of time stops your body from creating lipase, which is a fat inhibiting enzyme.  A great solution is to walk around every hour or so.  Get up from your desk and stretch.  If you don’t have time for that, then fidget or move your arms and legs around.  This minor change can increase your metabolism by up to 50%!
You’re thinking too much about exercise:

Exercising is a good thing.  Exercising can help you lose weight.  However, exercising and thinking about exercising can sometimes backfire.  A recent report indicated that people who thought about working out ate half as much as those who didn’t.  The reasoning is quite simple.  People who think of exercising have the following mentality: “I’m going to work out, so I can eat this cookie and burn it off later”.  Similarly, exercise is good unless you are canceling it out.  Some people work out just so they can eat, if you are in this category, it’s clear why you are not losing that extra 5-10 pounds!

You’re falling into the same workout routine & diet:

If you are eating the same kinds of food and doing the same workout every day, you are most likely only going to maintain your weight at best.  Switching from an unhealthy diet to a healthy diet may have helped you out tremendously from the get-go, but if you are relying on the same workout and the same diet, you’re not going to see any changes after the initial drop.  An easy solution is to introduce something new.  Try new kinds of vegetables, fruits and grains.  Use heavier weights, more reps, interval training and other new workout techniques to see final results.  The big picture is to confuse your body and to keep it working for you! 

You’re skimping out on sleep:

Not getting enough sleep is the culprit for many things, weight loss roadblock is one of them.  if you aren’t getting enough sleep on a daily, regular basis, you’re setting yourself up for more carb and fat cravings.  Everyone has different sleep needs, some only need 6, while some may need 9.  The average is 7 hours of sleep.  

***What’s preventing you from losing the last couple of pounds? Have any personal advice of what works and what doesn’t.  Share them with us!

Emily is a writer for Look Young Atlanta, a leading medical weight loss Atlanta clinic.  In her free time Emily enjoys going for a run, swimming, tennis and keeping up with the latest healthy living and eating tips!


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