Eating Your Way Across Texas

If one thing is true about the Lone Star State, it’s that anything that moos, clucks or oinks isn’t safe for long. Texans love their meat and they aren’t afraid to show it through local dishes that pay a mouthwatering homage to protein.

All you ever care to eat: Amarillo, TX

Amarillo is home to the Big Texan, which serves a 72 oz. steak that’s free if you can eat it in one hour along with all the fixins: a baked potato, salad, dinner roll and shrimp cocktail. By the time you get to the shrimp, your vision should be clouded over with victory (or failure).

Cheese with a side of cheese, please: Austin, TX

Queso is king in the capital city. At Trudy’s near the UT campus, you can order your queso with spiced beef. Vegetarians should go keep it weird somewhere else.

Fish, the meat of the sea: Port Aransas, TX

Enjoy the relaxed beach town vibe at the Beach and Station Street Grill, where you can dig into a pound of king crab with potatoes or a fried oyster dinner with a side of French fries and your choice of tartar sauce or a tub of mayonnaise. Looking for lighter fare? Move to California.

High-class eats are better with meats: Dallas, TX

Why did Wolfgang Puck open a restaurant in Dallas? Did he get lost on the way to Paris? Regardless of the reason, his Five Sixty restaurant features Asian fusion cuisine. Texans, be warned: you may need to order three entrees to get enough meat to satisfy.

Eating well in America’s corpulent capital: Houston, TX

Men’s Fitness just voted Houston to the top of their fattest cities list for 2012, which means that if you’re going to do it in Houston, you’d better do it right. Tuck in to a true spread at Feast, featuring a crispy pork belly with potato cakes, lamb’s sweetbreads with savoy cabbage, calf’s liver with bacon, fish and scallop pie and a triumphant coq au vin. First place never felt so good.

While these fine meaty establishments bring in both locals and tourists, it’s the students that bring many of these places to life. Co-eds from Baylor, A&M or one of the many online schools in Texas, hit up these places in droves, killing queso and forcing down fries 24/7. Next time you’re in Texas, make sure you bring your stomach.


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