One Step Closer to a Better You

Being slim, sexy and fit is just one thing. Living a healthy and disease free life is another. Some of us are more than willing to admit that we need to start taking better care of ourselves, but many are still in denial claiming they are doing just fine. Admit it or not, life is short and yes that is true we have to enjoy and live it to the fullest. But how can we really say we are enjoying it to the fullest when we lack the stamina and energy to do so? Obviously we are not as healthy as we actually thought or claim to be.

At my age of 25, I would definitely say I am doing pretty good. I can live in denial and say nothing is wrong with me. As a matter of fact I did, and I kept doing it. Up until I woke up one day having side pains right below my right rib cage. There I have it, I am still young, I weigh not more than 107 lbs. and I am not fat but I am not sexy neither. I am not tones and I have unflattering curves. Except in my perspective before I don’t need to have a supermodel’s body. So I kept passing the idea of working out, jogging and keeping myself active. My side pain is cause by a gall bladder issue, and if I don;t start eating healthy and start trying to be more active I am actually compromising my own health. So today I am going to try. Try not just to become a better cook, but as a better person for myself. Some people may need just a little push and some may need an actual help. There are programs all over and all we need is the motivation and the will to do so. We can try it in person and visit the nearest gym or even try an online program like arizona weight loss to help shed off some pounds or to just be toned and healthy. Some people take the word loosing weight offensive, but sometimes its not about being anorexic and being stick thin. It can also be because that person just wants to feel good and feel great about themselves. I am happy with my life, but I am not happy about my health. Are you? If you’re brave enough to admit the truth then you should know what to do.

Let me know what you think! Til’ next. xox


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