How Some Diets Cause Bad Breath and Measures to Prevent It

Most people think of following a diet regimen when they are trying to lose weight. There are various types of diets designed for that purpose and many are very effective. But do some diets cause bad breath? This article attempts to answer this question.

Low carb diets that are considered ideal for slimming down can cause bad breath. This is due to certain chemicals called ketones being released in the breath when the body burns fat. Atkins diet and South Beach Diet are very popular low carb diets that include mainly protein and little, if no carbohydrates during the preliminary stage of the dietary regime. Dieters are advised to eat chicken, fish or meat and vegetables which do not have any carbohydrates.

How Low-carb Diets Cause Bad Breath
Low-carb diets that are high in protein and fats will have carbohydrates of 25% lower than the required daily quantity. Low carb diets avoid fruits, vegetables and cereals and instead contain more of meats, milk, eggs, cheese, seafood and mayonnaise.

Low-carb diets reduce the amount of carbohydrates in the body and as a result the fat is burnt by the body to create energy. This process is called ketosis and the water usage by the body becomes more than usual. When more water in the body is used up, amount of saliva in the mouth is reduced, leading to dehydration which can be unpleasant. A dry mouth is also conducive to the growth of bacteria, which is a cause of bad breath or halitosis. Moreover, ketones released during ketosis disturb the pH balance of the body, contributing further to bad breath.

Low-carb diets contain more protein. Ammonia is produced when the body burns protein and people on high-protein diets release more ammonia in their breath leading to bad breath.

Another interesting fact is that even when your protein consumption is too low, you can have “ketobreath” or bad breath. This results from the body burning up its own muscle protein and breaking it down. A low fat diet can also contribute towards bad breath.

Tips to Manage Diet Induced Bad Breath
• “Keto breath” can be controlled by drinking plenty of water. This will help in keeping mouth hydrated and prevent dryness.
• Chewing sugarless chewing gums and sugarless mints, especially those that contain Xylitol that kills bacteria can help. Xylitol also helps to prevent cavities.
• Include fresh fruits, whole grains and a wider range of vegetables in your diet.
• Neutralize the acidity in the mouth by taking balanced meals in the correct proportions.
• Another option to fight bad breath is by brushing the tongue to drive out the bacteria located here. You have to brush the back of the tongue which is the part where bacteria accumulate.

Celebrity diets such as Raw Food Diet, One Meal a Day Diet and the Dukan Diet can also create mouth odour. Whatever be the diet scheme you follow, if you know how bad breath is caused and how it can be controlled, you can continue your diet without developing unpleasant mouth odour. It is also important to keep the mouth hydrated at all times, whether you are on a diet or not.

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