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Do You Know What Happens When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep?

When I was young, I remember my parents always telling me to sleep early so that I will become tall. I never really believed them, but I did sleep early back then simply because there was not much to do. You see, I was born in the time when TV was not yet very popular, and people preferred to stay indoors when night came. Oh! I did not live in the outskirts or in the woods; I lived in a City alright, but not the kind of city we now have. Back then life was simple.

Going back to the topic on sleep, do you know what happens to the body when a person does not get enough sleep? According to health experts, too little sleep or what is technically known as sleep deprivation may evtline: none; width: 125px; Much Sleep Is Needed?

If you are a teenager, you color: #080808; } #wrapper #ssleep so you’ll be happy, healthy, and good looking is seven (7) to eight (8) hours each night.

Effects of Sleep Deprivation

There are four very common results of sleep deprivation.

Compromised Immune System

When a person sleeps very little does this frequently, in time his body’s immune system will be affected. This is because the body needs sleep in order for the cells to rejuvenate or repair itself. When the body is not able to do this, the immune system becomes weak. What happens is that when infection strikes, the compromised or weakened immune system is not able to defend the body, and the person easily succumbs to illnesses or diseases.


A person who lacks sleep becomes easily depressed. Again this is because the body is not able to get enough rest and rejuvenate. A sleep-deprived person is easily agitated, most of the ti #wrapper #sidebar #top #description { font-size: 11px; l bite your head off!”

Memory Problems

People who get very little sleep are also found to develop memory problems. Again the possible reason for this is the fact that the body is not given enough resting period to revitalize itself. Brain cells die, and sleep allows the body to create new cells to replace the dead ones. Without sleep, the body again is unable to refresh.

Increase in Pain Perception

Have you noticed an increase in pain perception when you lack sleep? According to medical experts, the lack of sleep heightens ones’ perception of pain. In some situatus: 4px; } #wrapper #sidebar #top #search-scope { sleep deprivation also has a negative effect on how a person looks. The lack of sleep causes dark circles to appear around the eyes, and most of them always look tired and haggard.

So get enough sleep and avoid all these four negative effects of sleep deprivation.  

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