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Good Cookies are Good Business

good cookies

Girl Scout cookies make nearly everyone happy. Who doesn’t like to break open a fresh box? The scouts are happy because sales fund many of their annual programs. The caramel-y ones get stuck in your teeth and delight your dentist. But there’s always an occasional sorehead who will complain about all of that sugar and fat. Everybody knows that Girl Scout cookies are meant to be a treat. Thin Mints are not a diet food but this is not the time to watch that bottom line, if you know what I mean.

If you can afford enough cookies to get tremendously fat during the short time when they’re available, we’re pretty sure that your bank account is healthy. Of course, if you charged them, that’s bad for another bottom line. But your emotional well-being can use the boost and so can the economy. It’s good business for the Girl Scouts and the credit card company. Buy a few boxes and everybody’s happy.

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