6 Top Facts and Tips About Nutritional Value of Various Foods

Many a times, despite being conscious about our health, we are ignorant about various food items and their actual nutritional value. It’s always better to be well informed. Here are a few top facts about nutritional quotient of food items which we are generally unaware of:

1. Fat Free Food May Make You Gain Weight

This is really strange and most people are unaware that fat free food can make you put on a few pounds! This is because their calorific value may be the same as that of normal foods. So what if they do not have “fat”; if they have the same amount of calories, then you are bound to gain weight!

Tip: Always read the ingredient section of food items to know the exact calorie value.

2. Carbohydrates Can Cause Weight Gain If They Increase Calorie Intake

The same story goes for carbohydrates which are relatively harmless in a general intake. In fact, people who maintain a good physique are ones who have a good carbohydrate and protein rich diet and keep a check on their calorie intake.

Tip: Monitor your diet and ensure that you are not increasing the calorie value.

3. Iron Intake Is Important For Respiration

Iron in the blood hemoglobin helps to carry oxygen to various parts of the body. Due to deficiency of Iron in the body, a person may feel fatigued or tired as proper oxygenation does not take place.

Tip: Eating red meat and fish and vegetables like chick peas, beans etc. is good for iron content in the body.

4. Caloric Value Is Almost Tripled With Deep Fried Foods

Caloric density increases greatly with frying of foods because this way, the oils reach up to every corner of the food. For instance, a baked potato will have around 0.2g of fat and this is increased to 3.7g when cooked into French fries. This drastic increase in calories also happens depending on the type of cooking oil used. For instance, cooking in partially or completely hydrogenated Trans fat is bad for health as it increases cholesterol and chances of heart ailments.

Tip: Try to avoid fried foods and stick to fresh salads and vegetables as they are far healthier.

5. You Can Stay Healthy And Lose Weight With Yoghurt

Yoghurt is known to benefit people of all age groups. As it’s rich in calcium and is a milk product, it helps in reducing weight too, if included well in the diet.

Tip: Avoid sugar or flavored yogurt and try having it in your diet. It’s good for health, skin, fitness, weight loss etc.

6. Lack of Water Can Be Confused For Hunger

Research show that this is true! It happens quite often that the mind confuses thirst for hunger. You could be dehydrated and feeling low and weak, for instance. As a result, you could end up consuming a good deal of calories instead of drinking water or fat free beverages to quench your thirst and meet the body’s requirement. It’s advisable to be careful of this situation!

Tip: Drinking a good deal of water is not only good for metabolism, it is good for all functioning of body organs.

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