Cultures- Where Food is Family

Across the globe in a little kitchen in Tuscany, Italy a family is preparing for a meal. They laugh, drink, pick at dinner and enjoy each others company. They love what they eat and eating is part of their lifestyle. Most people only think of Italy, when they think of a love of cooking involving a close family. But, other countries practice this as well. France, has long been known as a culture rich for having the latest styles and best smelling perfume. But, did you know that they have always had a tight knit family based centered around cooking? 

French cooking is based on regional food sources. The food is filled with choices and rivals that of China with the variety regionally. The food is earthy and full of flavor. The people are just as enthusiastic as any other culture. France is filled with the culture of enjoying one another’s company. The food is therefore very social. The food of France varies by region. In France Foie Gras is especially tasteful and traditional. It is one of the most popular dishes in France and comes from a fattened animal liver. It is made through a process called gavage, when a bird is literally force fed to fatten them up. It is the national dish of France, and enjoyed in many kitchens and homes across that country.

Food is the main ingredient in holidays and family time. This occurs most commonly in Italian culture. Rather, Italian culture is the best known place for cultural ties. Culture and food are hand in hand. Each culture uniquely twists different food sources based on history and the environment in which they live. Indian food, is also another source that families gather together to make. The food is based on thousand year old recipes and is typical of Indian dishes. Food from India contains curry and a unique culture of vegetarianism. When you learn more about how other cultures gather together at the dinner table, you will be able to apply this to your own family. 

Cultures that eat for Family Time

  • Italian cultures
  • Greek culturesChinese culture
  • French culture

People connect with one another through food. It provided immigrants to America with a way to feel at home, in a strange land. The preparation and distribution of each ethnic food, is a book on family life in that country. It also is a lesson in that countries etiquette. In the western world a box of chocolates is a great way to say thank you to a host at dinner time. In another part of the world a gift of cabbage would do the trick. In China, food is prepared for many occasions and as a daily get together with family. But, you need to know your table manners when eating in China. They differ greatly from Western cultures. For instance, as a guest of honor at a Chinese meal you will receive the best pieces of food from each plate. You will lead the way on eating, and everyone will take a cue from you. The fish head is reserved for you and the lips and eyes are considered a delicacy. Also, when eating with a Chinese family if you do not want to be the guest of honor you can only give up this responsibility to the person on your left. That way you may be able to eat more comfortably, as most of us are not used to such treatment. 

Chinese Guest Of Honor Table Manner Points

  • Pick the choicest morsels first
  • Initiates the food dining process
  • Can end the dinner if so chooses

The only way a guest of honor can end a meal is by rising up. The other diners are literally a captive until you are finished, so they will go on drinking tea and wine until you give them the cue. This could prove to be a horrible situation if you eat with a Chinese family without a clue. 

How to Host  A Culture Night

  • Invite honored guests over
  • Put a little information out regarding culture
  • Cook as a family unit
  • Feast until your hearts content

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