Cooking Wagyu Beef

There are certain things you should know about cooking Wagyu beef. If you’ve ever had the great opportunity to work with Wagyu cattle or eat Kobe beef then you’ve come across an opportunity that is quite rare. Although, you may have been to restaurants in your own country that consists of meals and stir fries with the Kobe meat it’s quite likely that it isn’t the real thing. Did you know that it’s actually illegal for the meat to be shipped out of the country of Japan into America, due to the “Hand and Foot Disease” prevention law implemented by the FDA. It’s highly unlikely that there are many restaurants that serve the real thing that is unless they have access to a special farm that raises these cattle.

If you do have access to the beef and you want to know how to cook it- then do the following to get the supreme and rich taste from a very rare meat. Cooking Wagyu beef means that you are going to keep the authentic flavor that it’s supposed to have – half of the preparation comes from taking care of these cows and feeding them special grains. Believe it or not, the farmers even give them cold beer in the summer time to give them the “fatty flavor” that you taste. You can actually see the streaks of fat if you look closely at the beef. Do the following to cook the perfect Wagyu Beef meal and you will find that it’s the best meat you’ve ever tasted. (That is, if you cook it correctly.)

  • The key to cooking Wagyu beef is to get your grill extremely hot. You also have the option of using a cast iron skillet but you must but that directly on the grill when you’re heating it up to get it to the same temperature. When you put the beef on you need to sear both sides carefully – make sure that you don’t leave it on too long.
  • After you have seared both sides then you’re going to cut the meat in strips so that you can begin to sear the inside. This is where you have to be careful not to sear the inside for longer than one minute on each side. This is going to lock in the flavor yet keep the fatty taste which makes the beef delicious.
  • Keep in mind that while you sear the meat that you are cooking it to be rare to medium rare. You are not supposed to sear this for a long time because it’s going to leave the meat absolutely tasteless. Even when it comes to the seasoning, be very careful that you don’t put too much because it’s going to take away from the authentic taste that comes from the Wagyu cow preparation.

The Sacred Meat

This is considered a delicacy in Japan and there is a limited number of high end restaurants that will serve this meat. If they do, then they will serve it in small portions being that it’s very expensive to purchase and serve. It’s very likely that they will serve it in a stir fry dish to preserve the amount of meat that they have. It’s highly unlikely that you can purchase this meat in the US unless you have connections with a small farm that is raising Wagyu beef.

Note, that there are many restaurants that also claim to serve this meat when in actuality they are probably serving a meat that has a similar taste but is not the same thing. Make sure that you’re not overspending on a meat that isn’t authentic.

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