Cooking Tricks Everyone Should Know

If you’re like me the thought of entertaining guests in your kitchen terrifies you. Can’t we all just meet up at a restaurant or order pizza? Well, you don’t have to be a whiz in the kitchen to make some great food. Don’t fret. There are things that you can easily master and whip out any time of day or night. 

Here are my top 5 cooking tricks everyone should know:

• How to boil the perfect egg. Sure, boiling an egg is simple? Right? Wrong. Getting an egg to not be over or under cooked is a huge feat. Just ask someone who doesn’t like cooking. Take your eggs. However many you want or will fit in a single stack and place in the bottom of your pan. Add cool water until it stands 1 inch above the eggs. Place on the burner. Slowly warm the water until it begins to boil, this should take about 10 minutes. Once the water has reached a rolling boil, shut off the heat after 30 seconds. Let the eggs sit in the pan for approximately 3-5 min. Then add ice. Voila! Perfect hard boiled eggs.

• How to poach that egg. Okay, maybe you’re a genius when it comes to boiling an egg. But can you poach it? This is substantially more tricky than boiling a perfect egg.   Here you will want to get your water to a rolling boil before you add the egg. The real secret of how to poach the perfect egg is actually adding a 1tsp. of white distilled vinegar to the water seconds before you add the raw egg. The other part is that you should stir the water so that it forms a small whirlpool in the pan as you drop the egg in. This will help it pull together. You’ll loose a little bit of egg white into the water, but the vinegar will help it stay together. How long you leave it depends on how runny you want the inside to be. I love runny poached eggs, but maybe you don’t.

• Perfect bacon is mythical. You remember the last time you ate perfectly crisp, smoked bacon and nothing else can replace that flavor. How do you get a crisp and juicy piece? Well, add your bacon to a cool pan. Cover with less than an inch of water. Turn on the heat medium-high. When the water has evaporated, fry your bacon until nice and crispy. It will be chewy and crunchy, just like the bacon you get at your favorite restaurant. 

• Peeling garlic can take forever. If you’re not comfortable cooking for large groups it can be uncomfortable to sit and peel all of the vegetables as guests watch. That’s why I like to get it done before they arrive. Still, garlic left in the fridge can overpower any other flavors lurking inside, so it’s best to wait until right before you need it. A great quick way to peel lots of garlic is to actually take 2 or move cloves, place them inside of a bowl with a lid or two bowls stacked on top of each other and shake until the skins fall off. It might take you 5 good shakes, but you’ll be amazed how quickly you have perfect whole cloves of garlic ready to be minced.

• Stovetop popcorn is delicious, if you don’t burn it. So, how do you balance the oil, heat, and movement necessary to get that perfect pop? Easy. Start with melting the oil of your choice (coconut oil is really easy and has good flavor). Have three test kernels so you know when the oil has gotten hot enough. After they pop, take the pan off the heat, add 1/3 cup of popcorn kernels. Wait 30 seconds. Keep lid on top of the pan. Then add the pan back to the heat and wait for it to begin popping. Shake occasionally. Let it pop until it slows down to 3-4 seconds between each pop. I guarantee perfect popcorn. 

Avery Lane is a freelance writer from the Pacific Northwest. When not writing about travel, she also covers a wide spectrum of home improvement topics, such as guides to central air prices.


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