The Benefits of Using Natural, Organic Skin Care Products

Many of us find it hard to embrace our bodies’ natural aging processes, including the extra pounds we may gain as we get older, the way our hair becomes thinner, gray and more dull as well as the signs of skin aging. Over the age of 40 when we start to develop uneven skin tone, age spots and wrinkles, many people begin to use anti-aging skin care products.

Natural, Organic Skin Care Products

The popularity of natural, organic and holistic skin care products is continually on the rise for many good reasons. People are becoming more aware of the benefits of their products and they generally tend to get better results in the long run by using them. Why?

No SLS, Mineral Oil or Parabens

Firstly, it is because they do not contain parabens or SLS, which many high street brands include in the production of their skin care line. These chemical compounds are known to irritate the skin and the benefits of the other components found in these skin care preparations are very limited and short term. In fact they only produce the desired results while you use them and as soon as you discontinue their use, your skin will likely look worse than before you started to use them to begin with.

Natural Molecules and Enzymes

Leading companies that produce natural skin care products are known to exclude harmful substances, such as SLS or parabens or mineral oil from their skin care products. They are proud to produce moisturizers, toners and masks, which contain basically everything your skin needs and nothing it doesn’t. They use the extracts of natural plants and many companies even go as far as they only use organically grown herb, fruit and vegetable extracts in order to minimize the chemical content in their products. The natural molecules and enzymes contained in these products can effectively absorbed and used by your skin.


If you appreciate the power of nature and you would like your skin to benefit the most from the products you put on it, you will need to read the label on the items very carefully before you buy. Just because a bottle says that a product was made with green tea, frankincense, rose or bearberry extract for example, it does not mean that there aren’t any other components included in the product, which are not harmful.

Just to give you an example, there are certain skin whitening products available in many countries, which contain a very dangerous compound known as hydroquinone. This compound is incredibly dangerous to use as it can not only cause permanent skin damage, but it can also lead to the development of cancer if used for an extended period of time. And there are other examples unfortunately.

The Best Brands

Generally the best natural skin care products are made at home and the ingredients are found in your kitchen. Otherwise the brands we can recommend include Lavera, Paul Penders, Vital Touch or Primavera.

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