7 Best Diets for Long-Term Weight Loss

Many people have struggled to lose weight by trying diet after diet. Some are finding that the pounds come off initially, but then go right back on over time. It can be a frustrating battle to find a healthy diet that allows you to keep the pounds off once they’re off. Part of the problem is that no true diet can naturally be maintained over time. The best option is to learn how to choose healthy, wholesome foods every time you eat. You must form a new relationship with food, thinking of it as a means to get your body looking and feeling as healthy as possible. A number of programs can provide a new outlook on food for the long term.


You’ve probably heard that if you’re hungry you should first drink a glass of water, and then wait for 30 minutes or so to see if you’re still hungry. That’s because sometimes the body mistakes hunger for thirst. The Volumetrics diet, developed by Dr. Barbara J. Rolls, is based upon the principle of eating foods containing large amounts of water to give your body that full feeling. Soup and non-starchy vegetables are favored meals within the diet.

Low Fat

Walk down an aisle in any grocery store and you’d be hard-pressed not to find almost every food offered with “low-fat,” or “non-fat” versions. Clinical studies are showing the diets low in fat can reduce the risk for heart disease and lead to long-term weight loss.

Weight Watchers

This program of assigning point values to every food item you eat and tallying your points at the end of the day to make sure you’ve stayed within your limits has been around for a long time. That’s because it works. Weight Watchers has streamlined its point system to transform nutritional information into simple points to keep track of calories and fat consumed.

Mediterranean Diet

Originating in the Mediterranean regions of the world, this diet is rich in nuts, fish, beans, olive oil, fruits and vegetables. It contains very little red meat or all the processed food that we Americans so cherish.

Jenny Craig

Members who join Jenny Craig learn firsthand how to feed themselves healthy foods because Jenny Craig provides the meals and menus. As members get closer to achieving their goals, they are weaned off the Jenny Craig brand and taught which foods to buy and prepare on their own.

Ornish Diet

Developed by Dr. Dean Ornish, this diet relies heavily on consuming low-fat foods, fruits, vegetables and legumes. Meat, alcohol and oils are strictly forbidden. Along with an exercise regimen and meditation, followers are taking the weight off and keeping it off.


Sometimes the best diet of all is not truly a diet after all. The LEARN diet is really an educational program that teaches clients to consume low-fat items, fruits, and vegetables to give the body the fuel it needs, not because we’re bored, hungry or sad. The diet also includes an exercise plan.

No matter which diet you choose, you can find advice and reliable diet information at LowFatDietPlan.com.

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