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The 27 Rules of Conquering the Gym


In case you haven’t seen this yet. It’s funny.. and scarily accurate. Here’s a sample:

1. A gym is not designed to make you feel instantly better about yourself. If a gym wanted to make you feel instantly better about yourself, it would be a bar.

2. Give yourself a goal. Maybe you want to lose 10 pounds. Maybe you want to quarterback the New York Jets into the playoffs. But be warned: Losing 10 pounds is hard.

3. Develop a gym routine. Try to go at least three times a week. Do a mix of strength training and cardiovascular conditioning. After the third week, stop carrying around that satchel of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies.

4. No one in the history of gyms has ever lost a pound while reading “The New Yorker” and slowly pedaling a recumbent bicycle. No one.

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10 Stubborn Exercise Myths that Won’t Die, Debunked by Science


Love this. I’m so sick of hearing these myths!

  • Myth 1: No Pain, No Gain
  • Myth 2: Soreness After Exercise is Caused by Lactic Acid Building Up in Your Muscles
  • Myth 3: Exercise Takes Long Hours/Is Worthless If I Can’t Exercise Regularly
  • Myth 4: You Need a Sports Drink When Exercising to Replenish Your Body’s Electrolytes/Minerals/Etc
  • Myth 5: Stretching Before Exercise Will Prevent Injury
  • Myth 6: Working Out Will Only Build Muscle, Not Help Me Lose Weight
  • Myth 7: Exercise Will Help Me Lose Weight Quickly
  • Myth 8: You Need to Take Supplements to Build Muscle
  • Myth 9: If You Don’t Exercise When You’re Young, It’s Dangerous When You Get Older
  • Myth 10: Working Out at Home/Working Out at the Gym is Better than Working Out at Home/Working Out at the Gym
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