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I’ve decided to change things up a bit for today and make meatballs, formaggio and olive oil pasta, and bread with potato and carrots stuffing with cream.

Foods to Watch Out For When Eating Vegetarian

Leading a vegetarian lifestyle can be complicated some days. We’re constantly at odds with the world in terms of dietary choice as the standard diet the world adheres to is predominantly pro-meat and pro-animal products. As a result, a lot of us need to watch what we’re eating, specifically whether some animal products are sneaking into common foods that we just aren’t looking through. For instance, have you been watching out for…


A very excellent place to start as both a vegetarian or a vegan is in the mighty soup, the great equalizer between the various dietary choices. In it you’ll find a simple and effective way to transition into a meatless life as soups can be made entirely without animal products and frequently are without even trying. However, because of how simple it is to make them and add just about anything together, it’s very easy for a soup to contain meat without your knowledge, until you take a bite of course. Even trickier, some soups are made specifically with chicken or beef broth, which you really won’t be able to tell unless you have the can in front of you. Be sure to check with the waiter if the menu doesn’t specify that a soup is vegetarian or vegan before ordering.


Similar to soups, you don’t necessarily think that sauces are the exclusive property of meat lovers. While you’ll find that a lot of sauces are made specifically with the purpose of flavoring meat, just as many are out there for rice, salads, veggies, and everything else you can think of. But just as with soup, you’ll frequently learn that a lot of sauces contain hidden meat within them, such as marinara having pieces of beef in it or Worcestershire sauce containing anchovies. Ranch as well regularly has pieces of bacon in it depending on the restaurant you’re eating at or the bottle you’re picking up. Essentially, you have to be careful and always check.


No, you probably aren’t consuming lard by itself on a regular basis, but lard is a very sneaky substance that people seem to forget about. Lard is animal fat, as gross as that sounds, and while you think it’s pretty easy to avoid, that’s definitely wrong. Lard pops up a ton as a means to solidify various bread-like items such as biscuits, tortillas, pie crusts, and even in refried beans. Typically you’ll have zero clue that you’re eating something that isn’t really vegetarian until much later, and by then it’s too late and the deed is done. It’s not rude to ask whether various dishes are made with it or not as it’s a pretty important question to clarify.


What could possibly be more vegetarian-friendly than a salad? In many cases, surprisingly, salads are the sneakiest of the bunch as they’re touted as “rabbit food” yet can contain quite a bit of meat products such as bacon, chicken, or shrimp. It all depends on the salad itself, but at the very least it’s usually simple to see right on the menu whether it has any meat products mixed in or not. Still, you might know right off the bat that it could contain meat, such as Caesar salad usually having chicken in it. When in doubt, make sure to ask!


This is much more of a vegan issue, but eggs aren’t just a breakfast food. Everyone can guess that when eggs need to be off the table, you need to make sure the menu specifically states something is vegan as so very many food items incorporate eggs into the recipe as eggs are used mostly to keep various food items, such as bread and baked goods, solid and together. Luckily you can get by with a lot of substitutes, but restaurants aren’t inclined to take that route. They’ll most likely proudly proclaim various items on the menu as vegan-friendly, so you won’t have to worry too much on that front, but still, asking always helps.

Living a vegetarian life can be fairly simple, but it still requires you to be diligent about looking at what you’re eating. Meat can hide in a ton of food, especially where you wouldn’t expect it to be, so be careful and watch what you’re eating. Asking questions about your food isn’t a bad thing either, so be willing to take charge of what you’re eating and ensure you don’t get ambushed by some rogue food items!

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