Top Four Tips To Protect Your Body Now To Show Less Signs Of Aging Later On

We’ve all heard the phrase as soft as a baby’s bottom, and many of us go to extreme measures to keep our youthful appearance as we get older and our skin changes in tautness, suppleness and appearance.

So what measures can we take to ensure we keep ourselves looking as young as ever without resorting to drastic surgery?

We all know that the sun expels harmful rays which can harm our skin and our eyes. Although the sun’s damage may not be seen early on in life, as we get older the tell-tale signs of spending too much time in the sun can be seen on our skin and in our eyes. Sun-speckled skin and skin with an orange leathery appearance are unwanted signs of too much time in the sun, and further damage can be seen in our eyes. As we get older, we can develop eye problems such as cataracts and glaucoma. But these eye diseases can be speeded-up with too much time spent in the sun. Always wear sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection to protect your eyes and further lessen the chances of any eye disease as a result of the sun’s harmful rays.

Not being out in the sunshine at all is incredibly difficult and an unnecessary measure – in fact some sunshine is good for us. But make sure you limit your time and ALWAYS wear sun lotion.

Anti-aging tip: Avoid too much sunshine and always wear sun protection in the form of lotion and sunglasses.

Drinking up to eight glasses of water a day is incredibly important as it hydrates our skin and lets our body breathe. Without it, our skin would be incredibly tired and thirsty and end up creased and wrinkled over time.

Anti-aging tip: Keep hydrated

Just like drinking water, your skin needs to retain moisture so it doesn’t dry out and look lifeless. Apply a light moisturiser to your face and body at least twice a week to ensure healthy vitamins and minerals stay in your skin.
Anti-aging tip: Apply a little moisturiser every night before bed so your skin can drink in the goodness overnight.

Eat well
For all aspects of our health both now and in the future, eating healthily is incredibly important. From vegetables and fruit to meat and cereals, food is an important aspect of our lives which we shouldn’t take for granted. They key is everything in moderation.

Anti-aging tip: Blueberries are incredibly high in antioxidants and goodness for our body: try adding a handful to cereal for a tasty treat.

So with these four tips you can say goodbye to tired skin and hello to a youthful you!

How To Loose Weight With 3 Simple Tips

If you are looking to loose weight fast these following tips will help you achieve your goal. As you probably already know there are many weight loss programs in the market that offer fast results, a high percentage of people who use these programs do notice fast results however as soon as they quit their diet and return to their old eating habits they start winning weight again. This should not be a concern for you as there are many good tips to lose weight fast and keep healthy habits in the long term.

Tip#1: Clear Your Mind

One important aspect of losing weight fast is to be in the right mental state. This means setting a reasonable goal about your ideal weight and being fully aware of the effort that will be involved to achieve your goal. This might look like a simple decision but trust me most people fail at this first step. Stay motivated and focus is the key here, you should be willing to take only the right decisions if you really want to lose weight fast.

It is tempting to jump into the first diet that promises fast results without knowing if this is the right type of diet for you. Everybody is different and what works for others might not work for you, some people literally try every diet in the books without noticing any significant results, this of course contributes to a feeling of discouragement and they finally give up on their losing weight dreams.

Tip#2: Smart Training

Despite of what is commonly believe when it comes to training weight lifting exercises are more important than cardiovascular training in order to lose weight fast. Building muscle can potentially help you burn more calories than any other aerobic exercise, even when you are not training your muscles continue working which can double the benefits of your exercises and therefore lose weight faster.

Appropriate nutrition should always come together with the right exercising and don’t forget to dedicate a small portion of your time to cardiovascular training, although it is not as effective for losing weight it is still a good exercise to maintain your body and heart healthy.

Tip#3: Be Aware Of How Your Metabolism Works

Your metabolism is controlled by the endocrine system its main function is to control all the nutrients that enter your body and regulate stress. If you eat processed food, sugar and sodium, you are jeopardizing your weight loss as your body will not be well regulated. Extreme dieting can also be dangerous and not recommended at all.

Deborah F. Cochran works for and enjoys regular exercising. She is also a current student of Nutrition at the Costa Rican National University.


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